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COVID-19 Update: We are continuing to suspend our in-office visits as Governor Mills continues "State of Civil Emergency" in Maine. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we ask that you schedule a Tele-Medicine visit. We will continue to post updates as we continue to care for all our patients.
Tele-Medicine Conferences available NOW at reduced prices.  Click here to schedule your consult.

 Chelation Medical Center Order Page for Trace Elements

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TEI Supplements Order Form - Trace Elements Inc.
Para-Pack - TEI
Sym-Pack - TEI
Adrenal Complex - TEI
Digest V-Zyme - TEI
HCL V-Plus - TEI
Vitamin E Plus - TEI
Calcium Plus 90 Tablets - TEI $10.00
Magnesium Plus 90 Tablets - TEI $10.10
Potassium Plus 90 Tablets - TEI $9.70
Iron Plus 90 Tablets - TEI $9.70
Copper Plus 90 Tablets - TEI $9.10
Manganese Plus 90 Tablets - TEI $8.60
Zinc Plus 90 Tablets - TEI $9.30
GT-Formula 180 Tablets - TEI $16.00
Vitamin C Plus 90 Tablets $10.70
Pyridox Plus 90 Tablets $11.60
Mini-Plex B 180 Tablets - TEI $33.60
Z-M-C Plus 180 Tablets - TEI $38.60

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