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Our Philosophy - Beautifully and Wonderfully Made!

We believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself when the immune system is allowed to function the way it was created to do. We believe it is necessary to identify and reduce environmental toxic loads that are hindering the healing process. We believe it necessary to assess which nutrients and other supplements are required to support these healing functions. Our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made and need to be looked upon as systems working in concert with each other as an integrated whole. When one part is hurting, the entire body is affected, and likewise when the whole body is healthy, each system down to the cellular level is supported. We believe that we are living in a toxic world which has loaded our bodies down with such things as toxic chemicals and heavy metals which compromise many self healing, self regulating systems within our bodies. We believe there is hope, however, through customized dietary modifications, safe environmental controls, and a focused nutritional support program with supplements often requiring IV (intravenous) therapy for a period of time. Detoxification of toxic substances is an important part of our therapy which involves identifying the individuals toxic loads, and using oral or IV detoxification protocols to reduce these burdens on the body.

Laboratory Testing:

There have been tremendous advances in laboratory testing over the past few years.  For an example, research has demonstrated hormones can be accurately assessed in saliva, and many chemicals and toxic heavy metals can be measured through the urine.  We offer the most advanced diagnostic testing available, to accurately and objectively determine the course of treatment. 

Environmentally Safe Office:

We believe that when patients who are chronically ill, such as a neurological disorder, a cardiac problem, environment illness, they need to be in an environmentally safe place to get well. Therefore, though not perfect, we strive for an office environment that is environmentally friendly. No fragrances or tobacco smells are allowed, our floors are ceramic and we avoid all cleaning products that have a toxic odor, and are aware of and avoid products which gas-off dangerous chemicals, and odors.

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