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Environmentally Safe Clinical Office

When you come to our office for the first time as a patient, you will find a very friendly, home-like, environmentally safe environment.

front officeBecause we treat a wide variety of patients, many of whom are very sensitive to toxins in the environment, we place a high priority on maintaining an environmentally safe office that most patients can tolerate.

Our office has environmentaly friendly ceramic tile and pergo hardwood floors, our drinking water is filtered through a seven stage filtration system, and we use HEPA carbon activated filtration to maintain clean air in the office. No fragrances of any kind or harsh cleaning products are used, and we have taken strong measures to reduce EMF (electromagnetic fields) from Wi-Fi, cell phones, smart meters etc.  Our office policy requires that no one enter our office wearing fragrances or smelling of cigarette odors. 

Another bonus is that there are no stairs, hallways or elevators to enter first.  Parking is right to the door.  The office is very conveniently located off of route 202/100/4 in New Gloucester, Maine.

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