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Most people are confused, to say the least, about vitamin and mineral supplements. Some say, "Why do I need them if I’m eating right? I get all I need in my foods." Others know they should be taking some sort of supplements, but don’t know what and end up taking vitamins that may be poorly absorbed and do nothing for them.
So, why take extra supplements? In the early 1940’s the government knew that the soil was depleted of minerals. The U.S Department of Agriculture did a study that showed that plants grown on synthetic fertilizers tend to be bigger and heavier merely because they hold more water. But the nutrient value when analyzed showed a significant lower concentration of protein, vitamins and trace elements than organic foods, especially in zinc and manganese. So, eating those "good foods" does not ensure an adequate amount of essential vitamins and minerals even when the diet is "well balanced".

What minerals and other supplements should I take?

Each person is unique in their needs for supplements.  We offer a blood test called a Body Bio blood profile which can analyze and report specific vitamin, mineral, and other supplemental needs for optimal health.  Click here for more information.


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