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Herbal Medicine

The World Health Organization notes that of 119 plant-derived pharmaceutical medicines, about 74 percent were used in modern medicine in ways that correlated directly with their traditional uses as plant medicines by native cultures.  Yet, for the most part, modern medicine has veered from the use of pure herbs in its treatment of disease and other health disorders.  Americans have been conditioned to rely on synthetic, commercial drugs to provide quick relief, regardless of side effects.  Yet, one need only go to the United States Pharmacopoeia to see the central role that plant medicine has played in American medicine. 

In general, herbal medicines work in much the same way as do conventional pharmaceutical drugs via their chemical makeup.  Herbs contain a large number of naturally occurring chemicals that have biological activity.  Herbal medicines have most to offer when used to facilitate healing in chronic ongoing problems.  Care must be made that adverse effects do not occur from an inadequate dose, a low-quality herb, or the wrong herb.  Being well educated is the most essential component to being proactive in your own healthcare and makes for a successful partnership with your practitioner.  Most herbal supplements are available through Emerson Ecologics emerson ecologics

For more information on specific herbs click on the following link:

Link to Sloan-Kettering Herbals Index

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