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What is Environmental Medicine

Environmental Medicine is a medical specialty which recognizes the effect our environment has on health and disease. Factors such as previous and current toxic exposures from such substances as heavy metals, chemicals, molds, air pollution, etcetera are all very significant factors to consider to return a person to good health. The world around us is very toxic, and the discipline of Environmental Medicine investigates what toxic substances a person may have been exposed to in the past, as well as current exposures, which are causing symptoms. Through a thorough history, specific laboratory tests, Environmental Medicine considers what factors a patient may be exposed to that are causing his or her problems.

Environmental Medicine looks at chemicals in the home, work and other environment both past and present. Toxic exposures from fumes, heavy metals, molds, chemicals, food additives, air contaminants, and water contaminants are all very important considerations in the workup of environmental effects on an individual. Sensitivities to foods, molds, dust, mites, trees, grasses, weeds, cats, dogs and other incitants are also important considerations. Specific skin testing may be ordered to neutralize the effects of common air and food allergens.

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