LEAD in Newark Water Supply

The crisis in Newark, NJ on lead in the drinking water has been going on for a long time but it has reached new heights when drinking water was tested in residents homes with filters that were suppose to filter out the lead and two out of three tested homes failed to remove lead.  Many of these people are waiting in lines for distribution of the city’s bottled water. 
Unfortunately, the people are afraid especially for their children because lead affects children’s cognitive ability and behavior.  They want their children to be able to learn what they’re suppose to learn in school.
So besides waiting in line for water, what else can the parents do?  They can get their kids (and themselves) tested for lead with a simple hair test from Trace Elements Lab (see TEI Hair Analysis).  Once confirmed, they may want to find a doctor in their area that can be found at ACAM.org, and get themselves Chelated to get the lead OUT of their body!

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