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Hair Analysis for Toxic Heavy Metals and Essential Minerals
HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) for Nutritional Balancing
by ARL (Analytical Research Laboratories)

ARL Hair analysis A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) simply stated, is a screening hair test that measures the mineral content of your hair as well as toxic metals. However, a hair tissue mineral analysis is much more than a test for minerals. When combined with Nutritional Balancing*, it is a valuable scientific tool to improved health and well being. This modality was developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck of Phoenix, Arizona, who lived from 1925 to 1996, and has been refined by Lawrence Wilson, M.D. over the past 30 years.

PRICE OF TEST KIT $159.00 - Includes Free Shipping!
- Free shipping of kit and your customized printed report included with price
- Doctor's order provided
- Optional personalized diet plan available for an additional fee

The hard copy of your final report will be sent by US mail usually within two-three weeks of receiving your hair sample.  If ordering from locatons outside of USA, the test collection kit will be mailed to you free of charge, and your customized report will be emailed to you.

NOTE: Please be sure you are ordering the correct test, as there are no refunds on lab test orders. 
Your report will be sent to email used when ordering unless we are otherwise notified.
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hair mineral testing
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Mineral Blueprint

Providing a mineral blueprint of one's biochemistry, a hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about one's metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity.

A hair tissue mineral analysis performed by Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (ARL), is a screening test for the level of 20 minerals and toxic metals in a sample of hair. It is a tissue mineral biopsy that is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive and extremely accurate. ARL uses only the most advanced and sophisticated instrumentation available today, the Perkin Elmer Elan 9000 ICP Mass Spectrometer to assess mineral levels in parts per million or parts per billion.

A hair tissue mineral analysis is considered a standard test used around the world for the biological monitoring of trace elements and toxic metals in humans and animals species. The same technology is used for soil testing and testing of rock samples to detect mineral levels.

Hair, like all other body tissues, contains minerals that are deposited as the hair grows. Although the hair is dead, the minerals remain as the hair continues to grow out. A sample of hair cut close to the scalp provides information about the mineral activity in the hair that took place over the past three to four months, depending on the rate of hair growth.

Why is Our Hair Analysis Unique?

ARL is one of only two laboratories that do not wash the hair at the laboratory. Washing hair samples at the laboratory has been shown to erratically wash out the water-soluble elements. This creates much less accurate results. In a 2001 study in the Journal of the AMA (Seidel, S. et al., Assessment of Commercial Laboratories Performing Hair Mineral Analysis, JAMA, 285(1) Jan 3:67-72.) the two laboratories that did not wash the hair, of which we were one, showed superb reliability.

ARL uses technologically advanced testing instruments, including the Perkin Elmer Elan 9000 ICP Mass Spectrometer.

We are proud of ARL's quality control procedures. These include known controls which are tested at the beginning, middle and end of every batch of hair samples to insure the accuracy of the results.

ARL automatically retests any reading that is out of a normally expected range, provided sufficient hair is available for a second sample.

Test results are printed on an easy-to-read graph, unlike many of the other laboratories. This is a great benefit for both practitioners and their clients as well. The printed graph includes the mineral results, major mineral ratios and the oxidation type.

ARL offers the only complete individualized test interpretation by the method developed by the late Dr. Paul C. Eck, the founder. This 15-20 page report is unique as it includes information related to your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends, a personal dietary supplement program, basic diet recommendations and other information that can be inferred from the test results.

Personalized Diet Plan: We offer a personalized transition dietary plan based entirely upon the results of one's hair tissue mineral levels, mineral ratios, oxidation type, and probable allergic responses. This is an optional 25 page report which includes three transition diets, meal plans and a wealth of information covering food preparation, eating habits, changing one's habits, cooking, shopping and other valuable information. It includes what foods should be included in your diet and what foods should be avoided.

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If you have further questions after receiving your report, a phone consult is available for an additional fee.


* Nutritional balancing is not a substitute for regular medical care. It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. Instead, it is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry. When this is done, many health conditions improve by themselves.

hair testing for toxic metals
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