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Memory and cognitive problems can be defined as an inability to focus mentally and utilize one's mental capabilities successfully and on demand.  Symptoms include poor mental focus, poor learning and poor memory, difficulty following instructions, conversation or train of thought. 

There are many causes of memory and cognitive problems.  Inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain can be caused from food allergies, thyroid disorders, candidiasis, low blood sugar, amino acid imbalance, heavy metals and plaque buildup causing poor circulation.

Dr. Psonak utilizes his expertise in Allergy and Environmental Medicine and Chelation therapy to look for all the factors that may contribute to memory problems.  Lab tests for food allergies, thyroid, neurotransmitters, a metabolic panel, and skin testing with preservative free antigens may be ordered.  A chelating agent oral or intravenous followed by a six hour urine collection may be ordered to determine toxic metals load. 

Please call for an appointment at 207-657-4325 and talk with Janet

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