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Insurance and Fees Details

In-Office fees:

      Initial patient office visit*:  $300.00 (up to 2 hours)

      Follow up office visits:  $65.00 - $150.00

* For in-office visits, you will need to complete the New Patient Medical History Questionnaire and bring it with you for your appointment.  If you have any recent labs or medical records you wish Dr. Psonak to review please bring them with you, or have them Faxed or emailed to the office prior to your appointment.  You may use the form Records Request Form to give to your doctor's office.

Phone consultation fees


Payment is due at the time the services are rendered.  Payments may be made in the form of personal Checks or Cash, as well as VISA, Master Card, and Discover credit cards.  We also accept Health Savings Plan cards. 


We offer 6 months to pay through PayPal Credit on services and labs totaling $99.00 or more . Click the box on the left side of this pabe for more details on this plan. 

Insurance coverage for in-office services:

Chelation Medical Center does not contract with Medicare, Medicaid or any regular insurance companies (for example, Blue Cross, Aetna), nor do we accept reimbursements from these companies as payment for our services. However, your insurance may still cover some of your costs.  Although we can not guarantee that you will receive reimbursement, we will assist you by providing a detailed receipt upon payment with information required by the insurance companies to process the claim, such as procedure codes, diagnostic codes, etc.  You are responsible for obtaining a claim form from your insurance company and submitting it yourself.  Many patients with PPOs or private indemnity insurance do receive partial reimbursement from their insurance company based on "out-of network" benefits. These payments do help reduce your out of pocket expenditure.  If you call your insurance company, ask what your coverage is for an "out-of-network" provider.  Dr. Psonak is a licensed D.O. (Osteopathic Physician) in the State of Maine.


If you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment, you must notify our office a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled time or you will be charged for that appointment.

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