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What is a D.O.?

DO logoI am glad you asked. There are only two kinds of physicians qualified to be licensed for the unlimited practice of medicine in all 50 states: those holding the MD degree, and those who have earned the DO - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine - degree. A DO, or Osteopathic Physician can perform surgery, deliver babies, and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics across the country and in all branches of the armed services. Whether they are family doctors or specialists, DO's use all the tools of modern medicine and more.

They help their patients develop attitudes and lifestyles that don't just fight illness, but prevent it. They give special attention to how the body's nerves, muscles, bones, and organs work together to influence health. Dr. Psonak understands that the body is not just a collection of separate systems, but an integrated whole wonderfully and marvelously created. Disease is multi-factorial and each person is a bio-individual. The body has an innate natural ability to heal itself. Dr. Psonak works with his patients to identify various loads on the body which prevent healing, enabling the body to recover.

 These "extra touches" distinguish the DO's whole-person philosophy of medicine. It's a century-old tradition of caring for people, not just treating symptoms.

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