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Arsenic Toxicity

Arsenic (As)

Sources of Arsenic: include: contaminated water and food, especially fish and shellfish, and medications. Industrial sources of arsenic are: ore smelting/refining/processing plants, galvanizing, etching plating processes. Tailing from ore river bottoms near gold mining areas (past or present) may contain arsenic. Insecticides, rodenticides and fungicides (Na-, K- arsenates, arsenates, also oxides are commercially available). Commercial arsenic products include: sodium arsenite, calcium arsenate, lead arsenate and "Paris green" which is cupric acetoarsenite, a wood preservative (arsenic pressure treated wood).

Symptoms and Illnesses: Symptoms consistent with mild or moderate arsenic exposure include: fatigue, malaise, eczema or allergic-like dermatitis, and garlic-like breath, increased salivation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, arrhythmia, numbness, tingling, birth defects, cancer diabetes and Raynaud's syndrome. Chronic exposure to or ingestion of arsenic causes tissue levels to gradually increase as arsenic binds to sulfur, phosphorus and selenium. An important detrimental effect of arsenic is inactivation of Lipoic acid, a vitamin cofactor needed for metabolism of Pyruvate and alpha-ketoglutarate.

Target body organs: Central Nervous system, Blood, kidneys, digestive system, skin, liver, lungs and bladder.

Vitamin C, and Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (ALA) are protective.

If you suspect that you have an elevated Arsenic level, it is important for you to know that a simple blood test is limited only determining recent exposure to arsenic.  It will not measure long term exposure or total tissue levels of arsenic.  Here at Chelation Medical Center we can do a provoked challenge, with a urine collection which will show your total body load of arsenic, as well as other heavy metals.  Other methods of testing for long term Arsenic exposure is with hair testing.  It is recommended that you avoid eating fish for about four days prior to being tested for arsenic levels to determine accurate tissue levels of arsenic.  We can help you with water testing for Arsenic levels.  Elevated body levels of arsenic can be detoxified by the process of IV Chelation.  Call us for an appointment at 207-657-4325.

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