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Alletess Medical Laboratory Testing

Established in 1980, Alletess Medical Laboratory located in Massachusetts has been a market leader in quality allergy and immunology testing services. Alletess Medical Laboratory dedicates itself to providing exceptional service with comprehensive technical and clinical support. Innovative ways are constantly being pursued to enhance the services and to provide value to our clients. Alletess Medical Laboratory continues to strive for excellence based on these company core values.

96/184 Foods Sesitivity
Finger Prick Testing
Price: $249.00 / $329.00
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At Alletess Medical Laboratory nutrition plays a large part in the lives of our food allergic patients. We understand that proper nutrition is the foundation of health. As a courtesy staff nutritionists are available for consultations to assist both patient and physician. Their expertise will help navigate the challenges the patient experiences when eliminating and rotating foods in their diet, supporting your journey toward better health.

We send you a kit with a doctor's order. Blood spot tests are done in the convenience of your home. Results are emailed directly to you.

If you have further questions after receiving your report, staff nutritionalists are available for consultation.

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